Posthumous Homage Ceremony

postum homage ceremony

So that nothing remains to be done or said, Servilusa offers families the possibility of organizing the ceremony of homage to those who left and that was so important for those who stayed at the funeral or later.

The ceremony is customizable and private, taking place in a Servilusa room or place to be chosen by the family as soon as the restrictions in force are lifted.

    It may include:

  • Religious cerimony
  • Tribute text with previous interview to the family and prepared by a professional
  • Violin, harp, or other instrument of your choice
  • Wreath of vases, with delivery at the end of a vase of flowers to each participant
  • Catering
  • Projection of photos and images
  • Electronic book with images and messages from participants at the ceremony
  • Ceremony of ashes to the sea, ashes in a sprouted tree
  • Ceremony for the delivery of an oil portrait of the deceased


Among other services available that you can request to the Servilusa technician

If hired at the time of funeral, these services benefit from VAT exemption.