Provide a service with the highest quality has always been the Servilusa’s motto. In addition to the implemented management systems, the group conducted a self-assessment in order to reconcile experiences of its employees turning them into Strengths and Areas of Improvement.
In 2009, we saw our work recognized as 1st Level of Excellence "Committed to Excellence". And to maintain and continue the implementation of management tools in day-to-day, develop people and treat all customers as if they were unique, in 2010 we achieved the 2nd level of Excellence "Recognised for Excellence”.
We reinvented the concept of funeral, gave greater dignity, comfort and security to the ceremonies, we commit ourselves and society’s. Due to all these steps, Servilusa was considered one of the best companies to work in two independent external evaluations.
Ensure increased quality in the provision of funeral services is one of the major commitments of Servilusa.


NP EN ISO 9001:2015 in Quality Management Systems
NP EN 15017:2007 in Funeral Services
NP EN ISO 14001:2015 in Environmental Management Systems
NP 4469-1:2008 in Social Responsibility Management Systems
NP 4427:2004 in Human Resources Management Systems
The Servilusa group management policy is governed by the following principles of quality:
1.    Ensure compliance with legal requirements and other requirements relevant to the activities that plays.
2.    Fully respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and compliance with international conventions.
3.    Ensure customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of products and services.
4.    Respect the principles of social responsibility involving stakeholders in its integrated management system.
5.    Manage the organization through an integrated management system creating added value for shareholders.
6.    In addition to the compliance with labor legislation, to attract, retain, motivate and develop the Servilusa’s professionals.
7.    To discuss the relations with suppliers in a partnership logic, considering them an integral part of the integrated management system, maintaining an evaluation and qualification of products and services.
8.    Adopt an approach of prevention of economic, environmental and social impacts, as well as risks and incidents in all areas, products and services.
9.    Perform various activities in accordance with its integrated management system, systematically evaluate the results of its implementation and improve continuously and sustained.