Environmental commitment

Reduce the impact of all processes related to our activity is one of the major commitments of Servilusa to the environment. To this end, we have identified the following key points:

  • Consumption of electricity and water
  • Consumption of consumables (paper, toners and cartridges)
  • Fuel consumption
  • Gaseous emissions
  • Waste of consumables (paper, toners and cartridges)
  • Waste tires and batteries
  • Waste oils
  • Vehicle wrecks
  • Various waste (plastic, cardboard, polystyrene, wire, tape, metal, wood, textiles)
  • Waste fluorescent lamps
  • Waste EEE (electrical and electronic equipment)
  • Water washe
  • Hospital waste
  • Body fluids (Tanatopraxia)
  • Use of acids
  • Use of detergent
  • Burning welding
  • Organic waste

Based on the analysis of these strategic points it was developed the program in 2017, aimed at implementing various procedures:

Action 1 – Control and monitoring fuel consumption
Action 2 – Sort and route the waste
Action 3 – Control of water and energy consumption
Action 4 – Small gestures for a "Better Future”
Action 5 – Perform simulacrum to prevent emergencies (IT.08)
Action 6 – Manage office supplies consumption
Action 7 – Support academic research
Action 8 – Propose to suppliers committed to the principles of Social Responsibility
Action 9 – social character actions with stakeholders
Action 10 – Loans to employees
Action 11 – WWTP (ETAR) monitoring (central Buraca) for the treatment of tanatopraxia liquids
Action 12 – psychology consultation service employees
Action 13 – Raising awareness of good practice
Action 14 – Track future Decree-Law of Gaseous emissions
Action 15 – Keep the trees planted in Elvas’s cemetery 
Action 16 – Involve stakeholders
Action 17 – Protocol drugstore
Action 18 – Promote healthy living habits
Action 19 – Support for the Development of the funeral industry in PALOP
Action 20 – Prioritize and implement the suggested actions in the SST reports