Always Demand

  • Clear and accurate information on pricing and other conditions of service, including the existence and content of the social funeral service, when applicable.
  • Writen quotation with discriminated items
  • Privacy, comfort, safety and respect for human dignity.
  • Diverse showcase of funerary items in the form of catalog, physical, computer or other.
  • Funeral car in good condition.

Law Forbides 

The presence of funeral homes in hospitals in order ito achieve preferential or exclusive provision of funeral services.
The presence of funeral directors in any hospital service facilities, medical - legal or nursing homes, except to obtain documentation to death indispensable to the realization of funeral.

The contact of the families of the deceased by funeral directors, in order to obtain the order of the funeral organization, without their services have been previously requested for this purpose.

Do not be fooled. Do not be contacted. Always contact a registered funeral home. 
Require the Complaints Book.


In case of dispute the consumer may resort to an Alternative Resolution Entity of consumer disputes, for example: National Center for Information and Consumer Dispute Arbitration 21 384 74 84,
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