Free Psychological Counseling

Free Psychological Counseling

The current pandemic of COVID-19 has led to profound changes in people's lives, in the family's daily routine of work. The need to adapt to change, with isolation and social isolation, puts all citizens under psychological pressure, sometimes difficult to control. This service aims to provide support in various situations, including those resulting from recent mourning and sudden and unexpected deaths, in the context of COVID-19, which limits funeral ceremonies.

The Psychological Counseling line, is a free counseling service and is integrated in the telephone line of the SNS 24, accessible through the telephone number 808 24 24 24.

Servilusa recommends the use of this line for psychological support in critical situations of recent mourning.

Servilusa also makes available to families the possibility to participate in free workshops (in digital or face-to-face as soon as possible) on support for mourning, groups of people who share similar difficulties and with the support of a psychologist discover tools and methods to help themselves and to help those in need of support.

Registration, limited to existing vacancies, can be made through