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Grief support

Psychological support

Our commitment goes beyond the parting of a loved one.Servilusa faces the mourning theme approach as essential for people to live more in peace, help them cope with the various stages that are going through and helping families to overcome such situations. For this reason, we promote programs and psychological support services to fight with specialists who help families overcome or cope with the loss of a loved one.

You can also find in Servilusa stores, for our customers families, the Practical Guide to Support Bereavement, a new manual that shows possible ways to live better these moments from childhood to seniority.


In the ambit of the social responsibility policy, Servilusa sponsors a workshop programme organized by the Associação Portuguesa dos Profissionais do Sector Funerário, available all over the country, with free entrance, although subjected to vacancy on programmed actions. With the following programmatic content :

•    The sense of life and what dying means  ( Social, psychological and cultural perspective)
•    Linking and the lost
•    The transition model and death adaptation
•    The process of dying, see others dying and accept it
•    The social and professional support (crisis intervention, groups of support, emocional experience)
•    How to communicate the death
•    The mourning of the people who care

Addressee: People who lead daily with delicate situations which involve lost and mourning processes.

Duration: 4 hours

Organization: Associação Portuguesa dos Profissionais do Sector Profissional,  with DGERT certification.