Covid -19



It belongs to the Coronavirus family, is part of a group of viruses that causes everything from simple colds to more severe conditions, such as pneumonia. It was first identified in December 2019, in China, in Wuhan City. 

The virus "hitchhikes" in droplets of mucus or saliva and survives for some time in outer space (it is not yet known, and for sure, for how long). For a human being to become infected, however, an entry point is needed - nose, mouth or eyes. Hence the constant recommendations for keeping your hands washed. Because, throughout the day, we are in permanent contact with all types of surfaces around us, the path of infection is usually this.



After three and a half months of work in a pandemic context, with several adaptations of procedures, depending on the different states of the country decreed by the DGS and the Government, Servilusa met all the conditions to be able to apply for the COVID CLEAN certification. First funeral home to be CERTIFIED in "GOOD PRACTICES IN BIOLOGICAL RISK MANAGEMENT - COVID 19".

In this way, it is ensured by an independent entity that Servilusa has fully and consistently implemented all the hygiene and safety measures recommended by DGS, reinforced by additional measures of the company's initiative.



If the cause of death is not COVID, the wake can take place in the normal period, and can start one day and end the next day, after which the funeral or cremation will take place.

However, all DGS recommendations regarding protection measures must be followed, among which the following stand out: compliance with the maximum number of people in the room, social distance, use of a mask, washing and disinfection of hands.

At Servilusa's funeral centers ( strict hygiene and disinfection measures will be ensured after each funeral service. The rooms will be disinfected with suitable products and some will be cleaned by an Ozone Machine. Once the cleaning and sanitizing operation is complete, the rooms will be sealed until the next family arrives.

The number of participants in the wake remains limited by the capacity of the room, so Servilusa makes the live broadcast of the ceremony available to families. For more information, consult your Servilusa representative or call 800 204 222.

The rules of hygiene, respiratory etiquette, social contingency, and the instructions of the General Directorate of Health must always be respected. Particular relevance is the mandatory use of a mask.

If the cause of death is COVID, there will be no wake, the funeral service will go directly to the cremation or burial site.


Is a funeral procession possible?

Yes, we recommend, however, that personal vehicles be used. Companions must not travel in funeral vehicles.


Can the deceased of Covid-19 be buried?

Even contrary instructions from the DGS, yes, however, cremation is advised.


Where and how can a funeral be hired?

Families should contact  800 204 222. 

If the cause of death is COVID-19, hiring will be done by telephone and approvals through a digital signature system. If the cause of death is different, the service may be hired at a Servilusa store with a previously agreed time.

The stores are equipped with equipment that allows the families and the Servilusa staff to be separated, in order to reinforce the level of protection of all participants. The use of masks by customers and employees is mandatory.

A maximum of 2 family members will be admitted to each location, which will be disinfected after each meeting.

Families can see the products available on the page


Not being present at the funeral, is it possible to send messages to the family?

Yes, through the necrology of the Servilusa website on the page you can search for the name of the deceased and leave a message of condolence.

It is possible to organize a posthumous tribute?

Yes, Servilusa offers families a wide range of services that allow them to organize a tribute ceremony at a later date and as soon as the restrictions in force are lifted cerimonia-de-homenagem -postuma


Is there any form of support for bereaved family members ?

Yes, Servilusa recommends contacting the SNS 24h Psychological Counseling line, in collaboration with the Portuguese Psychologists Association.


Servilusa works strictly following the recommendations of the DGS and adopting the best practices in the sector, with a permanent concern to ensure the best conditions of safety and protection for its employees and the families entrusting us with the organization of the funeral service.


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