Organize a funeral

After the funeral


Because at this time there are extensive range concerns, Servilusa offers to make the booking of the 7th Day Mass.


The lack of space in the cemetery makes necessary to exhume the remains.

After the statutory period of burial (remains in the grave, deposit or place of aerobic consumption), Servilusa contact you to proceed to the next step, the exhumation (grave aperture or local aerobic consumption) according to the procedures the respective cemetery.

Servilusa also puts its shuttle service consisting in the transport of the remains interred in burial place, or bones, for different location from where they are in order to be again interred, cremated or placed in ossuary

We have a dedicated department and a specialist in conducting Exhumation and Repatriation to which you can connect through the Free National number - 800 204 222 - and where you can request information about any process, budgets or acquire bones urns.


Servilusa offers also the possibility when hiring a funeral, leaving both assured the exhumation and as fate of the remains, or ossuary or cremation.